About CBAR

The Canadian Biliary Atresia Registry (CBAR) collects information on the treatment of Biliary Atresia across Canada in order to optimize standards of Biliary Atresia care and provide a national collaborative platform for research, education, and knowledge transfer. Our goal is to improve the outlook for children with Biliary Atresia by providing the knowledge necessary to deliver the best possible care.

Our Goals

  1. Document the assessment, management and outcome of Biliary Atresia in Canada
  2. Collect epidemiological data on Biliary Atresia across Canada in a uniform fashion
  3. Standardize the surgical Kasai Procedure and post-Kasai management
  4. Provide a framework to assess new diagnostic or therapeutic strategies
  5. Promote education and research on Biliary Atresia in Canada

You Can Help

The continued operation of the Canadian Biliary Atresia Registry depends on your support. All donations directly support our mission to provide the evidence necessary to optimize standards of care and improve survival rates for children with Biliary Atresia in Canada.

Donations are accepted through the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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