About CBAR

The Canadian Biliary Atresia Registry (CBAR) is a collaboration between the Canadian Pediatric Hepatology Research Group (CPHRG) and the Canadian Association of Pediatric Surgeons (CAPS), the two well-established networks in Canada involved with the care of children with biliary atresia.

CBAR Sites

CBAR will engage all 16 tertiary pediatric surgical and hepatology university based hospital centres in Canada. Each site will have two site investigators: one gastroenterologist and one surgeon.


Site Name Surgical
Site Investigator
Gastroenterologist Site Investigator
Alberta Children’s Hospital Mary Brindle Simon Lam
Children’s Hospital of British Columbia Robert Baird Rick Schreiber

Orlee Guttman

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Ahmed Nasr Carolina Jimenez
Centre hospitalier de l’université de Québec-Université Laval au CHUL Julie Castilloux Anna Wiexkowska
Centre hospitalier Université Sherbrooke N/A N/A
McMaster Children’s Hospital Karen Bailey Herbert Brill
Hospital for Sick Children Annie Fecteau Simon Ling
Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg Melanie Morris Mark Deneau
Centre hospitalier Ste-Justine Caroline Lemoine Marie-Eve Chartier
IWK Health Sciences Centre Jessica Mills Mohsin Rashid
Janeway Health Science Centre David Price Pushpa Sathya
Kingston General Hospital Andrea Winthrop N/A
Children’s Hospital London Health Sciences Centre Andreana Butter Dandhapani Ashok
Montreal Children’s Hospital Jean-Martin Laberge
Sherif Emil
Najma Ahmed
Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Amanda Hall N/A
Stollery Children’s Hospital Bryan Dicken Patricia Kawanda


    • Dr. Jean-Martin Laberge, Co-chair
    • Dr. Rick Schreiber, Co-chair
    • Dr. Brian Cameron
    • Mr. George Anthopoulos
    • Dr. Carolina Jimenez
    • Dr. Najma Ahmed
    • Dr. Natalie Yanchar
    • Dr. Sherif Emil
    • Dr. Steven Martin


    • George Anthopoulos and Katerina Stachtari, Montreal
    • Frank and Amy Babic, Toronto
    • Mitzi and Scott McCartney, Vancouver


Stagg H, Cameron BH, Ahmed N, Butler A, Jimenez-Rivera C, Yanchar NL, Martin SR, Emil S, Anthopoulos G, Schreiber RA, Laberge JM; Canadian Biliary Atresia Registry. Variability of diagnostic approach, surgical technique, and medical management for children with biliary atresia in Canada – Is it time for standardization? J Pediatr Surg. 2017 May;52(5):802-806.

Butler AE, Schreiber RA, Yanchar N, Emil S, Laberge JM; Canadian Biliary Atresia Registry. The Canadian Biliary Atresia Registry: Improving the care of Canadian infants with biliary atresia. Paediatr Child Health. 2016 Apr;21(3):131-4.